Green Funerals

Eco-friendly and green funerals are a great way to reduce the impact we make on the planet. They help conserve areas by using natural, biodegradable materials for coffins, and having burial grounds which do not spoil the natural environment around it. Traditional embalming, which uses chemicals is not allowed in these burial grounds because of the damage they could cause to the nature around it.
These types of burials vary a lot from traditional burials. Headstones are not present at sites like this, however small, identifiable stones are used instead. Some places may also plant trees near where people are buried, creating luscious woodland areas full of habitats for nature. Each location has different rules, but they all have the same aim, to protect the earth that we live on.

At Casseldens, we have a range of eco-friendly coffins which are suitable for green funerals. All of these are made from 100% natural, sustainable and bio-degradable materials which have no plastic, metal, screws or staples. Below are a few examples of the designs of eco-coffins that are available. A full range is available to view in store.